Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It’s come down to the last two teams, ones of the greatest footballers in Europe, preparing to duel in the final of the FIFA World Cup for eternal glory. Recently, Netherlands have become a very tough to beat team, while Spain have been winning their games incredibly close throughout the competition.

Back in the 1970s, Netherlands had the opportunity to make everyone awe at their majestic football skills when they made it to the finals of the World Cup twice. But placing second each time, it’s time to prove that third time’s the charm, and coach Bert van Marwijk will surely look to do so.

Netherlands are slightly advantaged by the 24 hour rest they had, after facing Uruguay in the first semifinal. The game was thought to be a very close one, but ended with five goals, Netherlands managing to win at 3-2 although they were surely not playing at full potential.

Their team looks great, with Arjen Robben having recovered well from an injury, Wesley Sneijder scoaring goal after goal and Mark van Bommel being a sturdy anchor for the whole team. There’s no doubt that if everything clicks right, Netherlands can finally be the best team to have ever won the World Cup.

But Spain too can claim that title as well. Throughout the whole World Cup, Spain have had to battle old enemies and started with a embarrassing loss to Switzerland at 1-0.

Not even after that loss were Spain convincing. Although five wins in a row are an achievement, only one of the wins, against Honduras, was by more than one goal. To make matters worse for Spain, in their knockout stages they’ve managed to win their games at 1-0 each time, against Portugal, Paraguay and Germany.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve been playing poorly. At no moment did they seemed threatened by enemy teams, and have found their winning strike in the second half of the game each time.

Having won the Euro 2008, Spain have the winning mentality needed in the World Cup although they don’t have the actual experience of playing in the finals as Netherlands. Spain can be the first ever European country to win the World Cup on a different continent if everything goes well.

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